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We specialize in travels throughout East Africa as well as specialized oversea destinations. The Company was founded and launched on the 18th Aug 2021 by Mr. Kennedy Maina having set up our First Branch at The Bazaar, Moi Avenue,12th Floor, Wing A, Suite 1232 in Nairobi, Kenya and later our Second Branch at Spur Mall,2 nd Floor, Suite S16,off Thika Super Highway. Our exquisite packages let you explore with the best and bespoke safaris, excursions, and tours at an affordable price and Our thrilling, exclusive destinations are a must if you are keen to explore Eastern Africa, a truly fascinating region. Discover its magic.
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See what happens when you connect with millions of travelers whose taste, budget and goal makes your property the perfect fit.

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Spur Mall, 2nd Floor, Suite S16, off Thika Super Highway

+254 712 000 016